Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some Tenderloin streets updated

I have updated the business listings on the following Tenderloin streets:
Golden Gate

I also fixed my scripts so businesses that don't exist any more won't leave blank spaces on the list. If you go to this page, and select one of the streets listed above, you'll see a complete listing of businesses in the Tenderloin neighborhood for those streets.These files have been removed.

Note: this script doesn't seem to work on iPads and many smart phones. I have made another script that does, but haven't connected it to the updated database yet.

1 comment:

  1. Turk Street is now done. Though I must confess, Turk Street got pretty haphazard, because there was a very lively crowd blocking the sidewalk on one side, a parked car doing drug deals on the other side. As I'm standing there with the clipboard, someone got very loud about a dog that left a large pile in front of all those people - the loud person was cool enough to actually bag the shit, but I thought it was going to go flying through the air. Let's just say, I got distracted.